The Arab Spring

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One could say we have been waiting for this for years in the Middle East but the question is have we?

Yes, the youth want change. They are more educated – probably lived abroad. But killing, death and the crushing of dissent isn’t what the people want.

Is there no other way to achieve some form of democracy?

I ask my self these questions everyday. Working as a journalist in Lebanon – with the region in chaos around me – I think to myself “This isn’t going anywhere”…

At the end we’ll be in the same situation we were in before it started. Look at Egypt.

This is the first time people have gathered together and united in the Middle East. Religion is ususally the driving force behind the split. But it’s not enough.

How much more blood needs to be spilt?


Another Thing that might be of interest!

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Naomi Klein – A great Journalist!

She has written several books – however, her most mind blowing (I read it myself) is Shock Doctrine:

Take a brief look at what it is about – let me know if you had the same reactions!


Noam Chomsky! Is he right about America?

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Is America a terrorist state?

Is Obama being overruled??

Watch this video!

What has OBAMA done?

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You know, looking back on the feeling of the International Community in Jan 2009 – we really thought a miracle or a new prophet had been brought to earth. With the continuous promises of World Peace, a solution to the Middle East Crisis, the Health system in America, unemployment.

Has anything actually happened? Have we seen a change anywhere?

Yes, there have been SLIGHT improvements and Obama has been given the Nobel prize – BUT WHAT FOR?

I don’t want to sound to harsh – but there is alot more people out there, most average civilians who have done more good with society, created social change. What about Hangdon Fang- He revolutionised democracy by giving the Chinese poor a chance to express themselves and get advice on human rights. Why did he get a chance to be president or maybe a shot at the nobel?

I think it is because deep down he’s not corrupt just like every politician we know about. The ones who want to do good in this world are either exiled, assassinated or ambushed.

How can we bring peace back to our society?


This message has been shouted from tops of Mountains and rooftops but why don’t we listen. I don’t know – how can a minority of politicians hurt or even threaten a population of millions??

We NEED to unite – to save ourselves, our countries and our children!

me me cam

Gaza: A war Crime?

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Jordan was a great experience. I had not travelled there before, so it was nice to see the country while doing something constructive. I’m looking to get my film online soon so it should be available for everyone to see.

There was a huge hiccup – We lost 80 – 90% of our footage when our hard – Drive died. We learnt a lesson – ALWAYS BACK UP your material. I know, I know, I know but we weren’t think about that – and I know i’m not the first or the last person to do it. I will never do it again – that is for sure.

I have recently passed my documentary onto Jeremy Bowen the BBC Middle East Editor. He has reported from the War Zones in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel & Jordan. He has seen war, death and destruction – I really valued his opinion about my work and am even considering on doing a short documentary on him – He has a lot of interesting and captivating stories!

Jeremy Bowen commenting on my work:

Just watched your film. I think you have done a good job, obviously worked very hard on it, and I liked your conclusion. Script is pretty good, so is delivery, and you have excellent confident presence in your piece to camera (in fact you could have done more!)
I could see how you were suffering from lack of pictures in places, but you told me why that happened.  You assembled a wide range of sync, which was nicely selected and interesting.
You’re at the beginning of the journey (lucky you) so of course you have some things to learn if you want eventually to be a BBC reporter. An exec producer would ask you whether your sync could have included a stronger defence of Israel’s position. But you have every right to feel happy about what you’ve done, and good about the future.  .
keep in touch…

Jordan – Gaza: A War Crime?

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I’m currently getting ready to make my way to Jordan with a couple of crew members: Frankie Walters – Photographer and Political Analyst…. Maximilian Greenstein – Assistant Camera and Creative Director.

We are looking to illuminate the dark cloud which hovers over the Middle East at this present moment. Is there reason to believe that Israel committed war crimes in it’s recent offensive on Gaza. Most say they have, others might disagree. We are hoping to shed some light on this complex and mind boggling issue.

Needless to say, the Middle East crisis has never been an issue which is easily solved. The region comes with a long winded history and complex ideologies. Gaza: A war Crime — will look at these issues whilst trying to analyse the present situation.

This project comes with it’s difficulties and there hasn’t been one person who has said this was going to be easy. We have looked into this piece thoroughly and thoughtfully. This project isn’t one which is pointing the finger and demanding recognition. It is an investigation!

We, live most people, want to see peace in the Middle East – and we are trying our best to dispell the myths that surround the region by creating social awareness.

If there are any thoughts or ideas you may have on this project please don’t hesitate to share them! Your help is always appreciated!

Gaza Solidarity Group

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This Package really gave me an insight into how concerned people are about the Palestinians in Gaza after the recent offensive in Dec- Jan ’09